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Welcome to all visitors to this site, my name is Luisa and my story will certainly be similar to many others, but after a hard journey and a lot of stubbornness, I am finally a breeder able to offer excellent Exotic shorthair and longhair puppies, registered in C.F.A. (USA) and ENFI, Agi (ITALY) with affix "Lulu Persian". It all started one May many, many years ago: I finally wanted to realize my dream of having a nice Persian cat to cuddle (I imagine as for everyone You who are reading me ); I took Alice, my blue shutter. I was conquered not only by her beauty, but also by her intelligence, her sensitivity and her way of socializing with the whole family. So I asked myself: what would it be like to have a handsome boy? So I took Romeo, a beautiful blue Persian, and he made me understand the difference between a female and a male of the Persian breed. Both cuddly, but the male is slightly more possessive: I didn't take a step without him near me, always looking of a caress and/or a kiss. The first puppies were born and the spell was cast: helping them to be born and grow up with all the care and attention, which, I confess, I thus discovered that I have, day by day, facing, overcoming or colliding with various difficulties, he made me understand that my vocation was to start a breeding of Persians. For years we have been breeding and selecting the Persian long-haired breed and exotic shortair, the short-haired sister breed. Both adults and the puppies grow up free at home with us: they play with my children and their character is sweet, they are very cuddly. They receive an excellent diet chosen and correlated to their stage of development. Our females and our males are tested on DNA ,pkd, fiv and felv, and are exempt. The puppies are sold only after three months to safeguard their health and their psyche, with two vaccinations and an ENFI/AGI pedigree. People who manage to get a puppy from we mean that they have passed the test of good parents (for this it is necessary to know us by phone!): we help them in the choice and in the growth phases of the puppy, giving him all the possible information that comes from our direct life experience with furry dogs, never replacing us at the vet. Believe me, I feel all the responsibility to give a positive life to the puppy and to guarantee serenity and happiness to the family that adopts him. I take this opportunity to thank my family members for the precious daily help they give me and I wish you a good vision of my site Luisa