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How we work and deliver puppies

We request a telephone contact because, as you want to know
we, we too want to get to know you: our cats have to go
to settle down the right way they deserve and through a cold one
email and/or whatsapp this is absolutely not possible, unless you are a foreigner and there is a language problem. Based on the interview
telephone, at our sole discretion, we will decide whether to proceed
or less to the assignment because we don't entrust them to anyone .- The puppies
they will be delivered only after the completion of the three months, as per
breeders regulation.—The cat is sold
free from FELV (Feline Leukemia), FIV (Feline HIV) and PKD (Renal Polycystic): the puppies are in fact generated by parents
directly tested on DNA or deriving from tested and successful lines
negative .- Of course they are
have already undergone a deworming treatment.- They will come
delivered with two vaccines, all indicated in the health card. - They will come
delivered with ENFI or Agi pedigree.- They will come
delivered with the certificate of good health of the veterinarian who gave them
will visit carefully a few days before the agreed delivery - Needless to write it
, but it's a question that many ask me: know that our puppies
they already know how to pee and poo in the sandbox (this already since
they have 31 days to live!) :-)- After the event
reservation, we will send you an email with food and drink recommendations
detailed care, describing the diet to follow, sandboxes
and scratching posts with respective links and advice on how to groom
the cat daily. We are sure we have
done what pleases by specifying how we work.